Letters to the Editor

Have an opinion, but know facts

Re Jason Eastman letter, "Be skeptical of fearmongers," Sept. 13:

Where does one begin after such a rant against the tea party, Glenn Beck and the Republican Party? Glenn Beck is free to give his opinion and will ask those who listen to him to "please don't just accept what I say, but investigate on your own."

Newt Gingrich, Sarah Palin and Lindsey Graham are not leaders in the tea party movement; the tea party doesn't have a "leader." The tea party was organized out of frustration with a government that was too concerned about their own agendas, no matter what their constituents wanted; officials staying in office by saying and doing whatever it took to keep their job; an unsustainable debt caused by massive spending; the economy; unemployment; and programs the majority of Americans didn't want.

Seems to me you could care less about the problem our open borders have caused and that continue to allow drug runners and criminals from Mexico and other countries easy access to our country. Could you possibly care less about the families of Sept. 11, 2001, victims by having a mosque or monument of triumph built without any explanation of where the funds to buy and build are coming from? If not funded from terrorist groups, verify that fact to eliminate growing distrust.

The tea party certainly had no reason to have insurance company "plants" in audiences at town hall meetings; there are enough people who know now how much this "free health care" will cost all of us who attended those meetings.

So while I respectfully acknowledge your right to state your opinion, please open your eyes to the fact that everyday citizens are concerned with the direction our nation is heading and have peacefully exhibited that concern without causing a scene at rallies or meetings. To do so would be the opposite of what they want to accomplish.