Letters to the Editor

Letters to the editor

But no earmarks

DeMint port plan adds to bureaucracy

It appears that our anti-earmark senator has not only painted himself into a corner, but is stifling job creation at the states ports. Sen. Jim DeMint proposes to "fix" his failure to support an earmark for harbor deepening at the Port of Charleston by creating a new block grant program. That proposed program would distribute the Harbor maintenance Trust Fund taxes currently collected by the federal government.

Is this the same Sen. DeMint who is against growing the government bureaucracy? If passed, such legislation would more than likely require the port authorities to submit a lot of paperwork to compete for a grant. Yes, almost all federal grants require competitive applications that are reviewed to determine where the grants are rewarded. The DeMint proposal would require another government program to hire employees to manage, determine the grantees, and distribute the funds. Guess what? I call that growing the bureaucracy. But what the heck, at least DeMint is sticking with his no earmarks policy, even if it is hurting the entire state.

Roger Etzig

Murrells Inlet

S.C. House

Negative campaign turns off voter

I am appalled at the recent mail piece sent by Tom Swatzel and the local GOP. Candidates who allow this type of campaigning have no place in local politics.

Thank you, Vida Miller, for always running clean campaigns. Shame on you, Kevin Ryan, for condoning this type of campaigning.

Natasha Dones



Movie illustrates 'selling of America'

Should any of you out there ever question why we should vote every Democrat out of office? Then all I have to say to you is to watch the iconic movie "Mr. Smith Goes to Washington."

Made decades ago, it is an extraordinary adaptation as to what is happening in our national capital today, as well as some of our state capitals and our judicial system: the "selling of America."

Remember, trash day is in November. It is time to send a message to Washington.

Don McManamy



Candidate Ryan mum on education

Kevin Ryan and the Georgetown County GOP have resorted to the same negative campaigning that we all dread. It is also my understanding that to date Ryan has declined to discuss education issues at the forum planned by the school board for administrators, teachers, parents and the public. As a retired teacher and the grandmother of six students attending public schools in Columbia, I think there are few issues more important to our state and our local community than education, and I can think of no good reason one should not participate. Negative campaigning and refusing to make public appearance shows no leadership or respect.

Marie-Odile Postic

Pawleys Island


Tea partiers put up poor arguments

It's very entertaining reading all of the letters from tea party members as they scramble to justify their behavior and inconsistencies that were called to attention in professor Jason Eastman's recent letter. Instead of taking a look at their own behavior, they seem intent on denial and ad hominem attacks, nothing new there.

Tristan Mardall

Carolina Shores, N.C.