Letters to the Editor

Letters to the editor

Health costs

Prescription tax is 'cruel and barbaric'

How do the legislators in South Carolina sleep at night? How can you face families dealing with cystic fibrosis, diabetes or severely handicapped family members who need a lifetime of medications? What do you say to those battling ongoing cancer or people suffering chronic pain, depression, epilepsy, etc.?

Taxing Americans for prescription drugs is cruel and barbaric. It is an inhumane treatment of sick people. Do not try to explain this idea with your ridiculous rationalization.

Here is a suggestion that would lessen some of the money problems: Stop the freebies to the give-me folks. They are told by the system where and how to get the handouts. I am not including those who genuinely need help. You perpetuate the problem with the system that now exists.

You should not exploit those who are already suffering and have life-threatening illnesses. How dare you make their lives more difficult and add to their problems.

You are sitting on your brains. Shame on all of you.

Aggie Ryan

Ocean Isle Beach, N.C.


Family uncertainty tough on children

Re Issac Bailey's series on the Smith family.

The little girl has experienced enough terror for a lifetime. Some social services operate under Pogo's motto: We have met the enemy, and it is us.

Everyone should read the daily births and note about 50 percent or greater of the children are born out of wedlock. This is very disruptive for the child, and for problems like this are more common . I believe marriage prior to childbirth is the right thing for the child.

Think of the child, not your own personal failings. When we bring a child into this world, we are creating the new leaders and teachers, and they will need a lot of moral guidance.

Jim Withrow



Tea party thrives

on hatred

For all of its stated principles, at the heart of the tea party movement is the requisite need for its members to embrace hate, surfeit hate; the kind of hate that robs the soul of any objectivity. The acerbic voices of this crowd contaminate any self-pronouncements of Christian ideals. It poisons the waters of humility and kindness.

Two prominent, anointed leaders of this movement, are Glenn Beck and Sarah Palin: both very adept at spewing hate and venom. Beck, the Christian, recently implored fat people "to just die!" Beck, the so-called purveyor of truth, once stated that "all women were psychos." Sarah "lock and load" Palin dispatches her own brand of hate.

Like-minded conservatives avow hatred for entire groups of people, disregarding individual stories, purity of soul or circumstances. Liberals, gays, union members, illegal immigrants, college professors, Muslims, welfare recipients, environmentalists and scientists appear to top their list. Useless hate.

Patrick Westmoreland

Myrtle Beach

On the pier

Everybody enjoys Surfside's Nibils

I am writing this letter in support of keeping the great restaurant Nibils in Surfside Beach. We had owned a condo in Surfside Beach for six years, and we always went to Nibils first and sometimes twice a day. We would always recommend that our renters go there also. When we would ask the renters what restaurant they like the best, they would always say Nibils. Plus the Cahill family is about as American as it gets, hard-working and dedicated to their family and customers. We would always wait in line for breakfast on weekends because you knew you would get a quality meal with a smile attached. We do not understand the situation that would dissolve Nibils. Why would you want to eliminate a successful business? Of all the hard times in our country happening all around us there is finally a success story ,so just stand back and applaud them for all their hard work through the years. I know there will be a lot of disappointed people and friends of ours if it closes. Please reconsider your terrible bidding war. It can only hurt, not help. This is just another American dream terminated. What else is next? Life sure has gotten complicated.

Sally and Bruce Poe

St. Clairsville, Ohio


Anti-tax pledge is welcome to voter

At a time when politicians are trying to impose higher taxes, in the midst of one of the worst economic recessions in history, it's refreshing to see that GOP state House candidate Kevin Ryan has signed pledges to oppose all tax increases.

Kevin signed "Taxpayer Protection Pledges" from both the Americans for Tax Reform and the S.C. Association of Taxpayers. He joins Sen. Jim DeMint, Nikki Haley, Tim Scott, Ken Ard, Mark Sanford and Andre Bauer, among others, in signing the ATR pledge.

Government at all levels must live within its means just like the working families in Georgetown County have to do every day. The problem is out-of-control government spending and the unwillingness of politicians to treat our tax money as though it were their own money.

Kevin has challenged Democrat Vida Miller to also sign the no-tax-increase pledges. So far she has refused. Since she's on record as consistently advocating an increase in the gas tax, even in this difficult economy, it's clear we're not going to be able to count on Vida to protect us from higher taxes.

Kevin Ryan's willingness to take a steadfast stand against ever increasing taxes has won my vote.

Sherry Marnell

Pawleys Island