Letters to the Editor

Help found in time of need

A few weeks ago my husband and a few friends were having dinner at a restaurant in Conway. While there my wallet was stolen from my purse. I was getting food and my purse was on the chair. Several people in the restaurant saw the woman run from the restaurant. I did not have my cell phone. A young man offered to call the police for me. (I did not get his name, but a great big thanks goes out to him).

As police Officer K. Dixson was filling out the report he told me to immediately call my credit card company. A couple at the restaurant heard my dilemma and offered me their phone. I did not think to get their names, and I want to thank them. They would not take any money for the calls. Without their phone, I don't think things would have turned out as good (if any good could come of this situation). I called one of my credit cards and was informed it had been used within 10 minutes at a gas station across the street. I went to the gas station; the clerk said they had a video of the thief. I called Officer Dixson and informed him. He went to the gas station to view the video. In the meantime, I continued to call my credit card companies and again was informed one had just been used. I called Officer Dixson, he went to the store, and the perpetrators were there loading their car. He arrested them. They are in jail awaiting trial.

A heartfelt thank you goes out to those good Samaritans as well as Officer K. Dixson.

The writer lives in Conway.