Letters to the Editor

Keep winning eatery in place

We chose Surfside Beach for the lovely seaside community it was in 1989 and is now. Along with our pride of Surfside Beach, we sure love "our Nibils" and the friendship of Jack Cahill, his family and his staff. They have worked so hard for the town and their business and are a part of our Surfside Beach family.

My mother taught us that "if it isn't broke, don't fix it." This is why we write to ask: Please keep Nibils. We are ashamed of how this loving family has been treated by our Town Council. You will never change my mind of what has been going on in regards to Jack and his business - something stinks. Whoever is playing with the lives of Jack and his family and their employees lives should be ashamed. There is room for other businesses in this town without trying to overtake Nibils. Everywhere we go people, even other restaurant owners, say that it is not fair. They worry if they will be next, after years of building their businesses to be in the same situation as Jack and his family.

If it just comes down to bids, why wasn't the $200,000 parking lot across from the pier not put out for bids? If we must follow the letter of the law for bidding, we should do it all the time regardless of the situations that arise. We enforce whatever we feel we want to; what is behind this?

You were put in office not to represent your perceptions of our best interest rather than representing us. We can no longer support some of you because after voting for you it is clear we have made a big mistake we will not make again.

Politicians increasingly see individual people as collections that can be manipulated and played to. You have repeatedly refuse to dialogue with individuals in this town. From our hearts, please hear us and do the right thing and keep Nibils.

The writers live in Surfside Beach.