Letters to the Editor

Letters to the editor

Family together

'Christmas' reunion earns gratitude

Our youngest son spent last Christmas in Iraq. He deployed four months earlier leaving his wife, 3-year- old and 2-month-old daughters at Fort Lewis, Wash. Our middle son is a Myrtle Beach firefighter with an Irish girlfriend. Our oldest lives in England. My husband and I live in Indiana. The boys' mother lives in Maine. Somehow we managed to find a week to be together and spent it in Myrtle Beach. As though not special enough, we decided to celebrate Christmas, as chance would have it, on Sept. 11. It was a joyful reunion with Christmas tree, presents, decorations, carols, crackling fire and turkey dinner. None of this would have been possible without our dear friend and Grand Strand resident, Jay Rowe, who planned, decorated and created the perfect setting for the perfect celebration. Words cannot express our gratitude.

Cate Ferreira

Batesville, Ind.

Town leadership

Possible end of Nibils appalling

I am appalled at the bureaucracy running Surfside Beach these days. Not only are they trying to ruin the wonderful vacation spot it's always been for my friends and family for over 30 years, imposing parking fees along the beach, but now they are trying to run Nibils off the pier?

What are these people thinking? And who elected them?

Reconsider what you are doing to a legend for Surfside Beach and leave that wonderful little restaurant where it needs to be. It's the only place on the beach in Surfside Beach to get a great breakfast, and it's always been a wonderful spot to take family and friends of all ages. We don't need another establishment that sells liquor.

I own a condo in Surfside Beach and love to come there, but I'm beginning to wonder: At what cost?

Barbara Rush

Clarington, Ohio