Letters to the Editor

Letters to the editor

Bad decision

Story shouldn't have been on page 1

The lead story Sept. 16 ("War garb stirs up storm for politician") and the related photo regarding some supposed controversy about the event prove that detractors have their own agenda that doesn't care about truth.

The two "slaves" are professional Gullah re-enactors, and they invited Sen. Glenn McConnell to join them in a skit (all this is clearly within the text).

Anyone who looks at the photo should realize the senator's uniform is that of a Union officer, a common scene at the end of the war, I should think.

Personally, I don't think it has any business as the lead story on page one. A better place would have been the local section maybe, below the fold.

George Gritmon

Little River

Editor's note: McConnell's blue uniform is a replica of the one worn by Confederate Gen. Thomas Jordan.

Senior living

Homes need better security measures

Our seniors: Are they safe?

In South Carolina, there are no regulations requiring a security system or surveillance cameras for assisted-living homes or nursing homes. I find this appalling. There are many resident facilities with no monitoring system or security personnel on site.

There are regulations requiring evacuation plans for a hurricane but nothing for daily security. Do you want your loved one in a facility today with no protection?

If you have a family member in one of South Carolina's facilities, you should be very concerned about their safety and also the safety of the employees working in these facilities.

Check it out.

Rich Marchell

Sunset Beach, N.C.

Sept. 11

First ladies made beautiful sight

On Sept. 11, a beautiful picture appeared in Pennsylvania with Laura Bush and Michelle Obama. These two wonderful first ladies spoke about our tragedy on Sept. 11, 2001.

Such a coming together is what America represents, and it should be cherished

Coming from immigrant parents and grandparents, I know how proud they would have been to have heard these two beautiful ladies.

Natalie Cornelius

Surfside Beach