Letters to the Editor

Economy craving rule of law

Socialism, by its nature, is based upon envy, fear and hatred. It targets policies on taxation, subsidies and population difference to redistribute capital and discord, which are obviously contrary to the rule-of-law, as "targeting" implies favoritism and or penalties.

At the zenith of communism and Nazism, F.A. Hayek wrote: "Nothing distinguishes more clearly conditions in a free country from those in a country under arbitrary government than the observance in the former of the great principles known as 'The Rule of Law'; which does not mean the obedience to law."

Indeed the rule of law means that a government is bound by rules that are consistent and announced beforehand without partiality so that it is possible for investors or business to plan individual affairs. You've heard pundits say that Wall Street doesn't like change. Wall Street and Main Street desire consistency. A law can be good or bad law, but it is consistent unbiased law; e.g. the 55 mph speed limit and stop lights. The Constitution provided the basis for American rule of law. Rogue nations have laws that are partial and changeable based upon some grand plan to dictate every minute facet of life with a one-size-fits-all approach, and the politics of the moment, which are always found in socialism or National Socialism. Unfortunately, but predictably, the rule of law has been undermined by those sworn to uphold it: the Congress the judiciary and the presidency. Undermining the Constitution is not grounds for impeachment?

The tax code has grown to thousands of pages to favor Charlie Rangel and Chris Dodd and others at the trough, and to penalize achievers. Obamacare is an attempt to control Americans with regulations devised by bureaucrats for the benefit of the elite of the governing class. No one knows who will pay what and how much it will be this year or the year after.

The chickens have come home to roost. The days of Lonesome Rhodes ("A Face in the Crowd") are over. Politicians can no longer give us a dead fish, or a targeted tax cut or a tax holiday, or any other short range sop, and watch us flap our flippers. To return to greatness we must re-institute the rule of law that has been usurped for over 50 years by progressives of both parties and the dishonorable federal courts. Rule of law from a substitute Harvard professor - bah, humbug.

This recession will only end when investors are confident that the people and the government are ready to return to an imperfect Constitution and the rule of law. Massive overhaul is required; a new tax system, a revised Constitution that includes penalties for the abuse of a "right" in addition to "rights" and some means to impeach and or control the judiciary, term limits for Congress, a size limit to the public sector, and quid-pro-quo corruption prosecution in Washington. Our Constitution is obviously inadequate to cope with anti-Constitution liberalism, or the state of the union would not be in peril. The tea party gets it, but at least 40 percent of America will continue to support a "free" socialistic lunch provided by achievers. Can America be reformed? Doubtful, when serious consideration is being given to another second constitution for Muslims, who would need to serve two masters.

Note: A constitution is not required for there to be rule of law; consistent, impartial law is required. Sharia law is the constitution of Islam, which are one and the same.

The writer lives in Surfside Beach.