Letters to the Editor

Letters to the editor


Democrats quiet on 'accomplishments'

Typically we expect the ruling party to pat itself on the back for all its great accomplishments. Somehow Democrats, who seem to love their own press, are not talking up any of their achievements. A stimulus bill that has done absolutely nothing to create jobs but went a long way in rewarding Democratic friends, unions and left-wing special interest groups.

Had the stimulus bill been structured properly, it would have, at a minimum, created confidence, something President Reagan did so well. Or maybe the health care bill was the winner, or maybe not. This is the bill that had to be passed through reconciliation, and without one Republican vote. And yes, we are already starting to see the effects of this bill. Higher premiums, less coverage.

Or better still, the bank reform bill, yes, that is the bill that will restrict banks from collecting fees from customers who abuse their credit cards, mortgages and bank accounts. And yes, you who follow the rules will pay more to your bank for your good actions. So let me say, the Dems are dead in the water. They were given the opportunity to make a difference, and sadly the difference they made stinks.

Francine Dube

Myrtle Beach

Thank you

Firefighters relief fund appreciative

The Horry County Firefighters Relief Fund would like to publicly thank the sponsors, contributors and players who helped make our inaugural golf tournament a great success. This includes (but is not limited to): Legends Golf Club, Liberty Steakhouse, Sara J's Seafood Restaurant, Charleston Cafe, Causeway Grill, Palace Theater, Wellness and Fitness Center, Hess Wilco, Medieval Times, Sandy Beach Oceanfront Resort, Ionic Detox Spa, Blondies at Broadway, Shuckers Raw Bar, East End Cigar Shop, Pine Lakes Golf Club, Myrtlewood Golf Club, Cypress Bay Golf Club, Grand Strand Golf Association, ServPro, Handley's Pub & Grub, Yannis Distributors, Pelicans Baseball, Costco, Socastee Volunteers, HCFR Stations 8, 15, 18 and 24, Jade Thomas Catering, MUSC Children's Burn Camp, Grand Strand Law Group, and Battalion 2 Chiefs.

Jody Nyers

Secretary, HCFFRF


'Nonsense' letter takes three readings

Re Jason T. Eastman letter, "Beware of fearmongers," Sept. 13:

I have just finished reading Eastman's letter to the editor for the third time. I had no idea that the tea party movement was as complicated and sordid as he points out. Everyone should read his letter. What nonsense. Take note, folks: This is what they are teaching in our schools.

Barry A. Cox

Pawleys Island


Basis for arguments possibly off-kilter

Re Jason T. Eastman letter, "Beware of fearmongers," Sept. 13:

Thanks to elitists like Jason Eastman we, the uneducated common American, are informed that questioning the wisdom of building a mosque at "ground zero" is a cry for the destruction of religious freedom. That turning back to God is an attempt to establish a state religion. That wanting to stem the flood tide of illegal aliens crossing our borders is an infringement of our laws forbidding unlawful search and seizure. That questioning the intent of the 14th Amendment is really intended to harvest racial resentment. That supporting a policy to detain violent terrorists bent on slitting your throat at first opportunity is a violation of their rights under the Constitution. That anyone asking an opposing question at a town hall meeting is bound to be a plant shilling for some large corporation.

Eastman ends with a threat that we will all be accountable for giving voice to schizophrenic and sociopathic individuals. I hope he occasionally looks into his own psychological mirror. He might find some similar traits there.

Michael DiMartino

Little River