Letters to the Editor

Meeting sheds light on laws

I attended a meeting of a group of concerned citizens, the Palmetto Minutemen. I was very impressed with the dedication these folks show, and their persistence in defending our country. Some are veterans who continue, as we all should, to defend our stripes and glory, while others are citizens, attorneys, dentists and housewives.

The Minutemen discussed various aspects of illegal immigration, and I learned a great deal. As an unemployed citizen, displaced by illegal aliens, I learned that by S.C. law I am entitled to retribution by the state for the damages by my employer's greed and willingness to hire illegal aliens, instead of citizens, who, in turn are then able to continue to purchase goods and services from other businesses. The Minutemen even assisted me in completing the paperwork.

I also learned that it is mandatory for all employers in the state to use the Federal E-Verify program to assure that their employees are legal to work and live here. Another aspect, too, is that it is also S.C. law that landlords can be charged with aiding and abetting a fugitive, a felony, for renting to an illegal immigrant. I wonder if the slumlords who have these $100 a month trailers know about this.

You see, I am glad to be able to have learned from these volunteers, and I will be attending their next meeting. After I got home, I went to the group's webpage, and was so impressed with the knowledge that I felt I had to write this so that my other neighbors and fellow citizens could help join this battle, a war, to protect our country, our citizens, and to refuse illegal aliens the ability to continue to abuse our state, reap state benefits, and all with no regard to our laws or the language of our country.

The writer lives in Conway.