Letters to the Editor

We can't escape growth, so adjust

Re Donald Gatling letter, "Added traffic won't help matters," Jan. 10:

Gatling states his concerns regarding increasing traffic near his subdivision. S.C. 90 is no different than any other developing road in Horry County. People speed, disregard driving regulations and pass unsafely all over this county. I drive many miles over the roads of Horry and the rest of this country. Donald, we are no different than anywhere else, unfortunately. It would be wonderful to have enough police officers to properly watch over our roads. Budget constraints have caused a shortage of personnel.

I'm sorry that our growing county has caught up with your area, as it has in so many other places around here. Littering is a problem everywhere. Signs are good for one thing only: They serve as notification so that if someone gets caught they can't say, "I didn't know." They really don't prevent the trash build-up alongside our roads. If they did, we wouldn't have the mess along the roads that have the signs posted.

Finally, please don't think S.C. 90 is alone in suffering accidents. I live just off S.C. 544 near the bypass. There are accidents almost daily in our area, especially at the intersections of S.C. 544/Big Block Road and around the Wal-Mart. All these occur where there are stoplights. Figure that one out. Even though these roads are regularly patrolled, people speed, tailgate, run the lights, turn right on red without regard to oncoming traffic, etc.

We moved here over 28 years ago to escape all of this in New Jersey. I would drive to work on Interstate 80 where it is three lanes and there would be five lanes of moving vehicles. People would drive on both shoulders. My point is, don't think you can move and escape from this forever. Growth is everywhere and will find you. We went north over Thanksgiving and visited family in the Poconos in Pennsylvania. Traffic was horrible. Rather than trying to escape, try to change where you are. Petition for a stoplight for your development. Petition for the intersection to be changed so it isn't so hazardous, perhaps a slow-down area around your development. Just remember, S.C. 90 isn't any different than most other nonrural areas in our county or in our nation.

The writer lives in Myrtle Beach.