Letters to the Editor

Conservatives misspeak for liberals

Once again, Charles Krauthammer has displayed his irritating penchant for arrogantly presuming to tell liberals what they think ("Liberals look down on others," Aug. 28). Sir, we liberals are perfectly capable of speaking for ourselves, sometimes too loudly, perhaps, but then, what's an honest fellow to do in the face of such calumny?

And, yes, liberals do, in fact, sometimes look down on others; allow me to tell you which ones: Liberals tend to look down on liars and cheats and deliberate truth-twisters. We are pretty disdainful of bigots and racists and elitists who take for granted that it is OK for them to stomp around on the rights of "lesser people". And, yes, we are right much down on the Palins and the McConnells and the Boehners and the Gingrichs and, yeah, the Krauthammers, who wrap themselves in the American flag, thump the Bible as if they had actually read it, and trumpet their love of the Constitution while ignoring its core principles and seeking to eviscerate some of its most important protective provisions, e.g., the 14th Amendment.

But we save our most acidic disdain for the hypocrites who show contempt for those of differing sexual orientation only to be shown to have been in the closet themselves all along. Oh, if we could see ourselves as others see us.

Finally, please consider that your wanton attacks on liberals and your condescending habit of presuming to say what others believe has led large numbers to question even the religion and the patriotism and the very legitimacy of the president of the United States of America, the land you presumably love. How incredibly surreal can you get?

So, please, Charles. Kindly allow others to speak for themselves and be a bit more careful of charging us with your own sins. You might even come to agree that the truth is good enough. But we liberals are not holding our breath on this one.

The writer lives in Myrtle Beach.