Letters to the Editor

Letters to the editor


Early settlers relied on prayer; try it now

The Puritans and Pilgrims in the 1600s were referred to as Separatists, since they refused to join the Anglican religion. As a result of this schism, they were harassed and persecuted by the king's bishops, and at times thrown into jail.

The Separatists used the Geneva Bible as their source of religious teaching. All this conflict was the result of Johannes Gutenberg's invention of the printing press - making Bibles available to the masses.

The Puritans, during all their adversities, prayed incessantly to God, giving thanks both for good and bad outcomes. This fervent love for the Lord made them trusting in every situation.

Their quest for religious choice, liberty and freedom shows up in our First Amendment of the Bill of Rights.

If you had a relative or cherished friend in a precarious situation, you would, of necessity, handle them with utmost care and love. We now have our country in a much worse situation, and rather than handling it with care, I suggest we handle it with prayer.

Warren Pienack

Carolina Shores, N.C.

Let us know

Commercials make shows mysterious

Has anyone else become aware of the number of commercials we are inundated with now? It's appalling how we are swamped with them. I was wondering if those in control would do us a favor and make an addition for us. Could you possibly add the current show being aired at the bottom of the screen? When I want to surf through the channels, and all of them are running commercials, I don't know what show I may be missing. Some of the channels do of course give this service, but why not all channels? It would be a welcome service for us.

And now a curiosity question. Why is there such a variance in the time set on the traffic signal at Chestnut and Kings Highway in Restaurant Row? We drive through there every day and the wait can be one minute to three minutes. Three minutes is a very long time for a signal. What's the reason for this?

Lou Ellis

Myrtle Beach