Letters to the Editor

Letters to the editor


Nation's peace comes from focus on God

What is the way our nation will get peace?

Our nation will get a firm purpose to keep us in peace when it is just, and keeps faith and trust in God.

We must ask for discipline of our minds to stay focused on God, to have mental discipline when we ask for his help to trust and listen.

It will increase our faith and trust in him.

When we ask for blessings over our nation for his glory, we will realize nothing is impossible with God.

Another thing to remember: He not only makes the ocean, he contains it. We know life is a journey, one day at a time.

Kay Bonner

Myrtle Beach

Bread lines

Policies will solve weight problem

Re Issac Bailey column, "'Loser' an impetus for MB area," Aug. 11:

Why worry about fat people? In 10 years following Obama's leadership into communism, we'll all be standing in line 10 hours a day just trying to buy a loaf of bread, maybe a small soup bone. Sleep well, all you liberals, for he shall "change" the way we live into a third world country. Had enough of him yet? Everybody bow, off with their heads, for you my friend will become a slave and the fat cats of Obama's clan will claim their revenge.

Carl Acker

Myrtle Beach


Missing privacy? Try having surgery

Big deal. Aliens have to show papers to prove their citizenship. No one has any compassion for legal senior citizens who have had hip or knee replacements and how they are treated at airports.

We are separated from other passengers and our belongings, made to stand spread-eagle and patted down. Now that's discrimination.

If I could just show papers to prove surgery, I would gladly do so.

Regina Jaronczyk

Surfside Beach