Letters to the Editor

Beach vacation charms visitors

It happened again. The summer brought friends and family who all professed they were coming over to see us. I think they just came for the beaches and laid-back, warm Southern hospitality. Me, aw heck, I love them and am happy to see them love my home.

This season I had - get this - an Australian, Northerners from Long Island, a U.K. regular and Germans from Frankfurt. They think the Myrtle Beach airport is charming, friendly and love the short walk to the baggage claim. Even with lost baggage they were appeased and calm because the Myrtle Beach airport baggage guys were efficient and courteous.

So yes, we did the Coastal Grand mall, where, by the way, I work my second job in the beauty store inside JC Penney.

The German 6-year-old thought she was Heidi Klum when she got the glitter eye shadow and lip gloss. She had her ears pierced at Claire's, and her mother snuck in a piercing too. They thought the associates at Claire's were precious. Dixie Stampede had them wide eyed and floor stomping and clapping at all the wrong times. The chicken and dessert are now recipes they are going to teach friends in Germany to imitate. Oh brother.

I'm not even going mention their beach talk. Gorgeous German mum who has a body like Cat Deeley on "So You Think You Can Dance" had a beach guy giving her the eye, so she asked the ice cream van guy to block him till she got in the car. She thinks Ocean Boulevard ice cream guy is a hero.

Then they discovered Kirk's Ice Cream on Kings Highway. Ye gods, my freezer was loaded with cups and cups of their favorites.

They've left and are back in freezing Germany, as are all my other summer visitors. The house is empty and quiet, the dogs are moping about, we're all going through withdrawal.

It's Myrtle the Magnet. Speaking of which they've taken 20 Myrtle Beach fridge magnets away plus other stuff.

Hello, dog days, nice to see you again.

It's just me, a Myrtle Beach Magnetian.

The writer lives in Myrtle Beach