Letters to the Editor

Horry council should be ashamed

Re "Healing on horseback," Aug. 28 article:

It was very disappointing to read the article concerning the horse therapy programs; The Fidelis Foundation & Dream Catchers has shut down due to lack of support and manpower. I am the parent of a physically challenged young lady who would give her right arm to be in this program. It is her only wish and dream to be on a horse, and now once again her door is closed. Jessica is 22 years old and has been on a waiting list with the Horry County Disabilities and Special Needs Organization. This organization is charged with assisting the physically and mentally challenged individuals with job placement, day programs and other services; however, every service has a waiting list. Why? Lack of funding. So what else is there for her and many other physically challenged children and adults in our community?

These children and adults need to have more than just sitting home with a caretaker, or watching TV all day as parents do need to work. They need to stay active, have a feeling of accomplishment and need to build relationships and build confidence outside of their everyday home life.

There is no reason this community and surrounding communities cannot come together and make the Foundation Program and Dream Catchers organization a reality.

I feel the Horry County Council should assist.

The politics in our community is a joke. It is time this community starts having more compassion and values. For the past 10 years, programs for physically challenged children and adults have continuously closed down due to lack of support. Well, it is time for this community to wake up and have some compassion. These are real people who deserve a chance in life. Let's make it happen. I am willing to do my part and do what it will take to make this program stay alive.

The writer lives in Myrtle Beach.