Letters to the Editor

Letters to the editor

Footing the bill

Veterans pay for disabilities

The article "Diabetes now tops Vietnam vets' claims" Aug. 31 is inaccurate and misleading as to the costs of veterans' disability pay. Every veteran receiving retired pay for at least 20 years of military service must pay dollar-for-dollar for his own disability pay.

For each dollar he receives from Veterans Affairs, one dollar is taken from his retired pay.

Thus, the cost to the government figures are misleading and inaccurate.

This system is patently unfair and the only one in the world in which people must pay for their own disability.

Robert N. Grove


List of wrongs

Let's stop whining and start doing

I'm tired of: Obama bashing Bush - it's been 20 months, take responsibility; hearing about Katrina; hearing about the "living" Constitution - please don't pretend to know what the founding fathers would have wanted 200 years in the future; dancing around illegal immigration - they are here illegally and have only the right to be sent home; federal judges writing law; tax dollars used for foreign aid when they could be used for debt reduction, infrastructure, veterans, Social Security, education and Medicare; tax dollars used for bailouts - failure is a part of learning; America apologizing for what seems to be everything; America thinking the Middle East will really change after 4,000 years of hate; unions wanting more and more; race relations only being a one-way street; individuals and groups believing they are "owed" - go to school, get a job, stop doing drugs, stop robbing, stop killing and become a productive and contributing member of society; hearing that civil rights is only a black issue; our government beating the world with a wet noodle - get a big stick and grow a backbone; too much political correctness to the point of absurdity; politicians without term limits; and the decline in the values, ethics and integrity of Americans.

Bruce D. Rutherford