Letters to the Editor

Pine tree prejudice without basis

Re "Neighbors divided over trees," Aug. 27 article:

I read this article about the pine tree controversy again before responding. Much research and thought went into this project before it was started. Dione Leak and others implemented a positive project with many environmental and aesthetic benefits. There are many mature pines around the perimeter of my property with lush azaleas, yaupons and myrtles thriving under them. I've encountered pine tree "snobs" over the years, and they have not given reasons for their hatred of this species other than they don't like them. The article did not address my question of: "What's wrong with pines?" This article only stated that some Dunes Club neighbors "don't like the trees." Is that a good enough reason to undo this project that is now ready to flourish? The 3-year-old trees will grow quickly now. I agree it is undesirable for pine resin to fall on your car, but this location is in a highway median where that is not an issue. The prejudice and discrimination against pines continues without basis.

These trees are established and will mature beautifully and do their job if allowed to remain. Longleaf pines are dignified, control erosion and improve drainage naturally. Each tree absorbs hundreds of gallons of water per day. Grass grows nicely under and around them. They are a low-maintenance, indigenous species. These pines are planted many feet apart; their branches are high with graceful limbs and needles allowing plenty of vision.

I hope more research and education is done before a decision is made to determine the trees' future.

The writer lives in North Myrtle Beach.