Letters to the Editor

Letters to the editor

No disqualification?

Clemens played by own special rules

I see the World Am Golf Tournament has allowed Roger Clemens to come in late on the first day and play his round solo. Ridiculous. If one of us "average citizens" tried that we would have been disqualified for missing our tee time. I guess being a celebrity does have its advantages. Last week a pro golfer was disqualified after his alarm clock didn't go off because of a power failure. The same rules that apply to other golfers should also apply to Clemens. What a travesty.

Dick Johnson

Surfside Beach

Heartwarming story

Inspirational article a rarity in news

Re "Together for 61 years, couple dies hours apart," Aug. 30 article:

Thank you. In a time when so much of the news of the day is about murders, wars and infidelities, it was a rare treat to read the article about a lasting love.

What an inspiration. Bert and Mirian Arthur knew the true meaning of devotion, and of the words "until death do you part." That article should have been in bold print on the front page of the newspaper.

Beverly Henderson

Carolina Shores, N.C.