Letters to the Editor

Letters to the editor

Health plan

Insurers' silence indicates who gains

Just received my notification that my health insurance is going up $70 per month. Also, most over-the-counter pharmacy products no longer qualify for payment from a flexible spending account. I'd like to thank our politicians for giving us the new health care plan.

For all who think the government is going to "give" you health care, stop and think: Have you heard anything at all from the insurance industry since the first day national health care was mentioned? I think not. This is a strong indication to me that the health insurance industry will benefit the most from the new health care insurance rules while the U.S. population will foot the bills and just make the insurance industries and politicians wealthier.

The notices that I received are just the beginning. Stay tuned as the government and insurance industry continues to "take care of us."

Alan Sipe

Garden City Beach

Pier eatery

Town should be happy with Nibils

Any community would be proud to have a restaurant like Nibils on the Surfside Pier. Not only is it family run and operated, but the Cahill family is always there to give back to area fundraisers and charity events.

Their employees love them, the customers love them, and after over 20-some-odd years of first-quality service, the council of Surfside Beach should love them too. For a town that promotes they are a "Family Beach," you won't find a better family anywhere than the one Jack and Margaret Cahill have produced. Let's hope that Nibils will remain a Surfside Beach institution.

Diane DeVaughn Stokes

Myrtle Beach