Letters to the Editor

Letters to the editor


Social Security isn't taxpayers' fault

Re Walter Williams column, "Social Security, Living at expense of another" Aug. 26:

I am amazed that it is our fault that we are in a mandatory program designed by "all-knowing bureaucrats and politicians" in the logic-free District of Corruption.

The focus should have been that those who design such programs should be incarcerated in an asylum where they can do no more harm than they have done so far.

The original intent of Social Security has been so corrupted by mostly Democratic administrations (I am sure with some bipartisan help) that it is no longer voluntary, and this Ponzi scheme, and others like it, consume an ever increasing portion of our GDP.

The focus of the article should have been to distrust any initiative proposed by the Washington insiders as probably being detrimental to our well-being.

As a counterpoint to governmental programs, I worked for General Electric for 42 years, put in half of what the government made me put into Social Security (the program was also voluntary) and now receive double what the federal mandatory program deigns to give me, and then taxes this meager amount. From what I was able to glean from the last report on the GE pension fund, it is also slightly overfunded.

Conclusion, distrust any governmental program designed to help you; "the government is the problem, not the solution."

Robert P. Alley

North Myrtle Beach


Anti-policy opinions read as anti-Obama

OK, we hear you loud and clear, you don't hate our President Obama, you hate his policies.

As you describe his "policies," he is a Muslim not a Christian; he was born in Kenya not in Hawaii; he's a foreigner, an illegal: he's unpatriotic and not a "real" American; he's a racist, he hates white people; he's a socialist, a communist, a dictator whose administration is a "regime"; he's a liar, a baby killer and wants to "pull the plug' on grandma; he wants "your" America to fail, etc. - he's "not one of us."

We get it, you are only against his policies, not him, and you don't hate our president. And of course you are not paranoid, not crazy conservative right-wing radicals.

But your words and letters say different; they are deceitful, destructive and dishonest, although you claim to be true-blue constitutional patriotic Americans.

Can't say you are racial bigots, but from your own words, it is clear that you hate President Obama and, as your favorite S.C. congressman said about Obama, "You lie!"

But it is you who lie. With your hateful propaganda and lies you are trashing the good will, fairness and greatness of America.

L.L. Hood

Murrells Inlet