Letters to the Editor

Surfside shouldn't risk landmark

Over the past several months the fate of Nibils restaurant on the Surfside Pier has been discussed by all the various media as well as during most of the Surfside Beach Town Council meetings.

Throughout this period, the focus has been on the city and its need to abide by all necessary rules associated with the leasing of the restaurant, the customers and their longstanding support of Nibils and the Cahill family, who have operated the restaurant for the past 22 years in its current location. There is one group who has not been considered during this process, and that is the employees of Nibils.

There are 30 employees who will be affected one way or another by the fate of Nibils. If Nibils closes, these employees - many of whom have worked at Nibils for many years - will be faced with finding another job at the absolute worst time of the year in a horrible economy and in an industry that is difficult at best to navigate. Most - if not all - will go on unemployment. Many may not find work.

Nibils has been a landmark for both residents and tourists alike. Jack Cahill has been an ideal tenant throughout its 22-year operation, making lease payments on time while running a successful business. In an economic time when businesses are failing, leases are being defaulted on and restaurants are closing at an alarming rate, it seems imprudent for the city to risk losing a valuable tenant such as Nibils.

Further delay of a decision or course of action affects everyone. Let's not forget the employees who have served our cities' guests so well for so long.

The bidding process should have been completed on May 3 when the Town Council made a mandatory meeting for any interested party to be at Nibils for a walkthrough and to bid on the restaurant lease.

The only party to show up for the council's mandatory meeting was Jack Cahill, the proprietor of the business for the past 22 years.

The letter was also signed by the writer's fellow Nibils employees.