Letters to the Editor

Letters to the editor

Immigration reform

Tougher stance needed by leaders

I just had to put my two cents in on the Aug 21 letter from Ted Van Weeren, "Take tougher line on immigration," where the writer stated that the United States is more lenient than Mexico or the Netherlands, and went on to give facts and outline his solution to this problem. I couldn't agree with the writer more; in fact, I would like to vote into office this person and get some things done around this great country.

Jo Stephenson

Surfside Beach

Bear baying

Real hunters don't taunt caged animals

We've managed to show our creativity again - bear baying. All in the name of training dogs for hunting, we have reached an all-time low with animal abuse. Declawed and defanged bears spend their time having dogs jumping and attacking at them for hours at a time. I thought fox and coyote penning was bad enough. Where have the real men or hunters gone that they feel they have to do such training on these animals to get dogs to hunt? Maybe a video game would suit these great hunters better. Then neither dog nor small animals have to give up their life for these men to be entertained. If only we could ever get some legislation to get rid of these outdated laws. That's who I would like to vote for.

Patti Soles


Fall U.S. football

No more wimpy soccer playing

The boys of fall are back, and all's right in the nation. For the next five months the greatness of this country will be reflected in the glories of football, a sport unique to this small part of the world and which represents our national spirit, resolve and strength.

So, take a deep breath, grab a libation and root for your team or any team - they are all worthy - and be secure in the knowledge that we survived the wimpiness of the World Cup and are now ready for a real sport.

Boola, boola. Y'all.

Ronald Litz



Research issues, exercise your right

I am concerned about our country. We appear to be a truly united nation, but recent comments from both left and right make me wonder where we are headed. Cheap shots rather than considered positions capture our headlines. Part of our cherished freedom does include differing opinions on lots of issues, but some of the shouting on both sides does not enhance or enable us to choose between them. We are the citizens, the choosers, the deciders. We need clearer, less partisan opinions to choose between. Free speech does not mean a free tongue. Those who choose to run for office need to embrace their deepest beliefs and then reflect them in what they propose. Cheap shots never hit a target.

I'm proud to be an active, voting, concerned citizen. All I can do this late in the year is read, talk and think hard before I vote, but then go to the polls and vote. Too many of my fellow citizens talk but don't walk to the polls. It's my country, and I'm privileged and proud to vote. Please join me. We can make a difference.

Alan Houghton

Pawleys Island