Letters to the Editor

Letters to the editor

No more deficits

Boost consumers' buying power

Republicans now say that we cannot afford more deficits even for stimulus spending to help economic recovery and that we shouldn't pass the burden of paying for them on future generations. Why weren't they saying that when President Reagan had eight years of deficits, George H. W. Bush four more and George W. Bush seven more except for his first year of surplus left him by President Clinton? In addition, George W. plunged us into a recession by starting two unnecessary wars while decreasing taxes, but only for the rich. Now, say the Republicans, we can't afford stimulus spending to right the economy. What do they propose we do? Will keeping the tax cuts for the rich as they suggest help? Will giving a tax break for businesses big or small help? Why would a company hire more workers and increase production when it cannot sell what it is already producing? The only way to crawl out of a recession is to re-create the purchasing power of the mass of our citizens. So far neither party has found a way to permanently do that.

Daniel Zamos

North Myrtle Beach

Alternative energy

MB should harness solar/wind power

A question for the powers that be: Why are we not incorporating solar/wind power, for example, to light the Myrtle Beach Boardwalk and surrounding areas? Also, the airport expansion. Consider a "Myrtle Beach Power and Light Co." to facilitate it. All unused power could be marketed.

To go one step further, Hotels could place on their rooftops wind and solar generators and possibly realize a city income tax rebate. We have a lot of sun and wind along with some hot air from certain individuals that should be harnessed.

Mike Davis

Myrtle Beach