Letters to the Editor

District 104 forgotten by Rep. Edge

Re Sen. Ray Cleary letter, "Report card misses the mark," Aug. 8:

I'm a native of District 104. We are still the Independent Republic of Horry (have been since 1801).

We do not really care for outsiders such as Sen. Raymond E. Cleary III meddling in our affairs.

I do not feel that Cleary is in a position to rebuke, correct or chastise The Sun News report card of July 25. This is a mere case of "November Is Coming Soon."

It's just "good old boys" politics as usual, and we aren't buying it. If the senator thinks Tracy Edge has so much influence, then why doesn't his influence get back more of the dollars we (Horry County/District 104) send to Columbia?

I live in District 104 and challenge the senator to go to the cities of North Myrtle Beach, Longs, Atlantic Beach and Red Bluff and get a rating. We live here; it is our district, ask us. We are the ones affected by decisions made by Edge that have sown discord in the cities of North Myrtle Beach, Atlantic Beach and other areas. While the senator can handpick and get the rosy results he wants, that is not the voice of the people of District 104.

If you hear the real voice of District 104 you will hear that many (Republicans, Democrats, independents and others) feel abandoned and betrayed by their current representative. What does it profit District 104 to have Edge on the Ways and Means when the people and small businesses of District 104 to a large degree have been forgotten by him?

I thank The Sun News for their report. I think they were very wise, especially concerning District 104. Their report says to me that The Sun News as well as others who live in the district are aware of many of the representation problems in the district.

The writer lives in Little River.