Letters to the Editor

Letters to the editor

Toddler's deaths

Help people avoid desperation

Re Shaquan Renee Duley:

No one can deny that the murder of these helpless children is a heinous crime. But let us remember, and try to understand, that this single, unemployed mother had lost hope - all hope. She could not feed, clothe or properly care for her children. She was overwhelmed, and she was desperate. Desperate people often lose perspective and commit crimes that would have been previously unthinkable to them. They commit robberies; they commit suicide; they kill members of their family. Perhaps Shaquan's life story would have been different, if: there were comprehensive sex education programs in middle and high schools about the responsibilities of parenthood; mandatory counseling for new mothers about birth control methods; free or low-cost tubal ligations for those in Shaquan's hopeless situation. Before you question the idea of more comprehensive financial assistance for birth control, please remember that there are programs that support low-cost or free Viagra as well as "tummy-tuck" surgery for some patients. Finally, where is the father of these little ones? Where was he when they needed his love, financial support, and protection? He also played a part in this terrible tragedy.

Dolores B. Bollinger

Myrtle Beach


Golf cart theft is preventable

My family and I just came back from the beach where our golf cart was stolen from a public parking lot. As we made the police report, we were informed from a few passing by that a lot of golf carts have been stolen lately from the area. I know it is very easy for someone to steal a golf cart, but we've been coming here for 20-plus years and have never heard of such a thing happening. I want to tell everyone around here who owns a golf cart to beware. We've been told by the police that there is a way to prevent this; you can get a personalized key for your golf cart with a new ignition. The carts being stolen are ones with lift kits, rims and/or any golf cart in nicer condition. I'm so saddened to be burdened with this in a place we called our "paradise." I'd like to warn others so it doesn't happen to them, too.

Larissa Lewis

Slate Hill, N.Y.


We're still too dependent on OPEC

While running for office, President Obama promised that if elected, he would get us off Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries oil within 10 years.

Two years are gone, and we still don't have a plan. In fact, there is some evidence that we're going in the wrong direction. In July 2010, we imported 388 million barrels of oil. That's the single largest import month since Obama was inaugurated.

The NAT GAS Act will create jobs, clean up the environment and improve our national security by providing tax incentives to organizations that operate fleets of vehicles fueled with imported oil to be replaced with vehicles that run on domestic natural gas.

Election Day will soon be here. Those who are running for office - be it open seats, incumbents or challengers -need to take a look at this legislation and make promising to reduce our need for OPEC oil a central part of their campaigns.

James Dunn