Letters to the Editor

4 tips to alleviate U.S. woes

Our nation is at war with itself. On one front we have the Muslims and the World Trade Center. On another front we have immigration, Social Security and the ever-growing budget deficit.

In reality there are small problems. In the business world any CEO worth his/her salt would resolve them before having their morning coffee.

First, the Muslims, Catholics, Baptists and all other religious organizations can build places of worship. You cannot treat them differently. It's the Constitution.

Second, if we want to keep out illegal immigrants we must fine or imprison those who hire illegals. Forcing the lawbreaking employers to pay immigrants' passage home adds a Machiavellian sweetness to the whole concept.

Third, on Social Security, remove the FICA deduction cap. Horry County school teachers pay on every penny they earn. People who draw scandalous salaries should pay on every penny they make.

Fourth, the deficit keeps growing. Keeping the tax breaks for the poor makes sense, but to continue the George W. Bush tax break for the rich is unconscionable. Why would a guy who earns $60,000 a year defend the notion that we as a country should continue borrowing trillions from China so we can give tax breaks to those families earning more than a quarter of a million dollars a year?

Are we going to see any changes? Of course not. Our elected officials will continue to spar with one another, oblivious to the consequences. They put their party ahead of our country. In the halls of Congress we hear words like "revolt," "take back our country" and "secession."

Almost 150 years ago we had a similar situation. Bigotry consumed 640,000 souls for that misadventure. How many souls will the United States forfeit because America dared to elect a black president?

The writer lives in Conway