Letters to the Editor

Letters to the editor

Whistle-stop tour

Get out and vote in November

Please consider this proposal as an appeal for all interested citizen organizations and individuals to get on board and join the Horry County Citizens Coalition for Good Government. Let's reach out and request all of our candidates running for local and statewide office to join our whistle-stop tour. Clearly informed, educated and empowered voters are more likely to go out and cast their vote for a candidate of their choice. History has shown that in off-year presidential elections, voter turnout is far too limited. Let's work together and change that equation.

Bennie Swans

Myrtle Beach

Political persuasions

Military absentee voting issue hidden

Re Jason Eastman letter, "Coverage choosy on poll incidents," Aug. 12:

It was disappointing that the author did not give any indication about whether he favored representatives of the Black Panthers being outside a voting precinct in Philadelphia wearing black leather jackets and waving night sticks. Left unknown was whether the author thinks such representatives should become part of the American political landscape and be at all polling places across the country on election days, paid perhaps with stimulus money borrowed from China.

What followed in the Aug. 12 piece was a rehash of accusations that routinely appear on far-left liberal blogs, all of which no doubt posted that Dan Rather had President Bush's actual National Guard records. When the writer brought up the 2000 presidential election in Florida, it was surprising that he failed to mention a very sad event - one side tried to prevent the absentee votes of our military personnel serving overseas from being counted. Lets see, which side was that?

Jim Christian


Corrupt politicians

'Throw the bums out' in term limits

I'm convinced that all of our problems today were caused by politicians who say to each other, "You vote for my pet project, and I'll vote for yours, and we'll fool the taxpayers with clever language disguising our projects. They will never know that we are stealing them blind!" The only answer to this both-party outrage is term limits. Throw the bums out and elect only those who swear to protect the ignored taxpayers first, last and always.

Tom Dunn

Murrells Inlet

Responders denied

GOP against care to Sept. 11 helpers

Like Tommy Tobin ( "Brown's 'nay' vote a disappointment," Aug. 15 letter), I cannot comprehend how Henry Brown, or any other congressman, could vote against a bill providing medical care to the first responders of Sept. 11.But 155 Republican congressmen did vote to deny aid to those heroes.

And then, those same Republicans voted no on a jobs bill designed to save the jobs of thousands of first responders and teachers all across America.

It's impossible to understand how these Republican politicians, who constantly talk of reducing taxes for millionaires, can totally refuse to help first responders, the police and firemen who put their lives on the line every day. These first responders are part of a team that gave up their own lives to save the lives of fellow Americans on Sept. 11. And the Republican response to their needs is, "Get lost!"

It appears the Republicans are so intent on destroying President Obama that they are willing to harm American safety. John McNerney

Pawleys Island


Politics should be left out of equation

Dealing with end-of-life issues is difficult at best. Putting a political label of liberal or conservative does not seem to be appropriate. Moral, ethical, spiritual, medical and financial consideration need to be addressed, not politics. I hope we return to the age of reason.

Evelyn Bowler

Murrells Inlet