Letters to the Editor

Letters to the editor

Sunset beach, n.c.

Swing bridge is saved by caring folks

For the past few weeks, the Old Sunset Beach Bridge Preservation Society has been working to save our iconic swing bridge as a piece of our history and a symbol of our town. At times, the challenge seemed daunting.

On Aug. 12, the Sunset Beach Town Council found a path to agreement and a way to save the historic swing bridge. After extensive discussion and the expression of many opinions, the voices of residents, property owners and visitors were heard. The council's vote was unanimous. More than 5,000 persons had signed letters of support asking the council to save the bridge that has carried us across the Intracoastal for over 50 years. We thank the council for listening to those voices and taking the actions that will make it possible to preserve this historic landmark.

Ann Bokelman

Karen Dombrowski

Chris Wilson

Sunset Beach, N.C.

The writers are co-chairs of the Old Sunset Beach Bridge Preservation Society.

Mosque controversy

Debate fueled by hate, ignorance

I'd like to thank everyone for their cool-headedness on the mosque debate in New York. Thank you for cautiously weighing all the factors involved before opening your mouth, such as the fact that a terrorist and a Muslim are, in fact, separate entities. Thank you for approaching this like open-minded individuals, aware of how this mosque can be used to make others aware of this apparently hard-to-garner fact. Thank you for trying to obstruct the First Amendment because you cannot comprehend how someone who worships a different god than you can also not want to kill you.

Thank you.

Carson True

Myrtle Beach

Single moms

Bestler, actress send wrong message

Re Bob Bestler column, "Single moms can do just fine," Aug. 4:

Bestler remarks about how his mother was able to give him all the love he needed and decided to add the comments of Bill O'Reilly concerning Jennifer Aniston. If Bob had watched the show, he would have understood that the message that Aniston might be sending to young people is that it is OK to have a baby without having a man around. Aniston, who plays a single mother and has no children of her own, could well afford to hire as many nannies needed to "raise" her child.

There is a world of difference between an actress playing a mom and a 17-year-old facing the prospect of quitting school to care for a baby. This is the point O'Reilly was trying to make. If Bestler had held off writing his column by one day and had read the column of a more respected columnist appearing in The Sun News (Dear Abby), he would have understood what O'Reilly's point was. Young Bob, safe and snug in his bed, probably will never know how many nights his mom spent awake in hers wondering how she was going to pay the next bill. Welcome to the real world, Bob.

Brian Sunday

Little River

Gator hunting

'Butchering' biased view of hunting

Re "Seminar preps hunters on gator butchering," Aug. 15 article:

"Butchering" is not synonymous with hunting.

The seminar was about hunting, not butchering. Butchering is about either cutting up meat for consumption or the unencumbered killing of a living animal, human or not.

Butchering implies that the alligators are butchered, i.e. clubbing defenseless baby seals. In either case, this has nothing to do with alligator hunting. If The Sun News thinks that there is no need for the hunts, you should ask the people who have been a victim of the ever-increasing attacks in South Carolina.

I have read accounts of the seminar in several newspapers and have not seen a single one that refers to it as butchering.

Bill Hills

Murrells Inlet

Dustin johnson

Golfer took penalty like a good sport


When the PGA rendered a penalty on Dustin Johnson for grounding his club in what appeared to be cheap seats on the final hole at Whistling Straights, they not only shafted a tour competitor, but, in my opinion, severely damaged the integrity of its organization and likely embarrassed many club professionals.

In what other tournament would the PGA allow the gallery to congregate and camp out in a hazard bunker?

By appearance and vague local rule definition, the entire course, excluding tee boxes, fairways and greens, could be construed as one perpetual hazard. Dustin exhibited true professionalism by outwardly accepting the decision with great style and poise.

Chris Merillat

Myrtle Beach

Beach structures

Trash the unattended tents

Re Whit Peterson letter, "Tent excess rude to beachgoers," Aug. 9 :

I am with this guy. Get them off the beach. If they are unattended then take them down. These people do not own the beach. If they elect to leave them up, then let them look in the trash for the tents. Some are left all night and should be taken down so the beach can be cleaned the next morning. The beach cleaning people should take them down and dispose of them. The umbrellas are taken down each evening and put back up the next day.

I have been coming to Myrtle Beach since the '50s. Everyone enjoyed it then and no tents.

Al Isley

North Myrtle Beach

Free expression

Bloggers should sign names

The Sun News has an opinion blog within its website. The blog's purpose is to provide the public with an outlet to put forth their ideas, arguments, comments, point of view, gripes, etc. This method of news is all well and good. However, when an individual subscribes to use a nom de plume, comic character or other fictitious name in hiding his or her identity, while proceeding in scribbling wild charges, innuendos, snipping, artful insinuations or innocuous invectives at a person, organization or group, it takes away the rights of free speech. If a person(s) wishes to utilize the open forum of the newspaper's opinion blog, they should be required to submit their true identity to what they write as they are required to do while submitting their opinions within your editorial page. If the individual believes in what he or she is writing, why aren't they proud to sign their true identity? I believe that castigating a person, group or organization with specious charges, harsh accusations, or harmful propaganda is an uncourageous deceitful breach of honesty. To eviscerate the character of an individual with whom one disagrees, utilizing insinuations of unfaithful deceit, displays a lack of trust and honesty, which opposes the principle of free speech.

John E. Bonsignor

Myrtle Beach


Senate shouldn't tax prescriptions

I can't believe that the S.C. Senate seriously considers putting a sales tax on prescriptions. Do they know how many people who live in the state have no prescription insurance? Do they think taxing the poor will bring this state back to a balanced budget?

I have insurance, but it disgusts me that our senators would think of such a thing. How about taxing the rich for a change? Oh, I know why you don't tax the rich. Because they contribute toward your campaigns. So what choice do they have, but to tax those who cannot afford insurance. Good job, keep up the lousy work.

Morton Diamond

Murrells Inlet