Letters to the Editor

Letters to the editor

S.C. jobs

Article misses face of teacher budget

The Aug. 11 headline boldly proclaims "Budget bill saves S.C. teacher jobs," yet nowhere in the article does it tell us about any of those "saved" jobs. Just 12 days before classes start, that $282 million must surely mean that thousands of S.C. teachers are being notified their previous layoff notices have been rescinded, yet the article doesn't profile any of those relieved educators. School districts across the state must right now be burning the midnight oil rescheduling all of the students they had been planning to cram into far fewer classrooms before yesterday's windfall was announced; where is that story?

Could it be that the $26 billion in additional federal deficit spending really wasn't about saving teacher jobs at all, but was just a political feel-good gimmick used to sell yet another federal bailout of state governments?

Randy Hollister

Pawleys Island


Seniors' day will come; be ready

Re David DeToro letter, "Writer broadly defends actions," Aug. 13:

I have a question for him: Does he have human parents, or was he hatched? Will his parents feel as he does when they reach their golden ages?

I have one wish for him: That he lives long enough to dine on his words, and doesn't ever have to hold up the line in the supermarket looking for his 10 percent.

As for the driving skills we seniors have, they will never be matched by the youth of today who use the phone and send text messages while they put more miles on their cars zig zagging in and out to save a few minutes and cause more accidents.

The saying goes, what goes around comes around. Enjoy doing all the things you want to do to make everyone around you miserable because our day will come, and soon I hope.

Connie Smith

Myrtle Beach

Road hazard

Inlet Oaks entrance should be longer

I wonder why the entrance to Inlet Oaks (for seniors 55 and older) was not made longer and easier to enter. When you slow down to turn in there, there is most always someone right on your tail. I am just waiting to get rear ended, even though I signal in plenty of time. The lane was made longer to turn off Holmestown Road headed to the recycling center awhile back. Why not for Inlet Oaks? They were working on the road anyway.

This is a safety issue.

I would love to see that stretch made longer so that we have more time to get over to make the turn into Inlet Oaks. I am in there about four times a month and it is stressful to turn there. People that live there have expressed the same thing. Maybe someone can help.

Also, I am in complete agreement with the three letter writers Aug. 8: "Tent excess rude to beachgoers" by Whit Peterson, "MB's senior population will rule" by Jim Hill, and "Greater crimes not punished as much" by Marc Wrenn.

Mary "Molly" Rosetto

Myrtle Beach