Letters to the Editor

Ron Andrews goes beyond duties

I wanted to express my appreciation for the excellent writings of Issac Bailey. He has a talent that most writers crave.

Second, I wanted to express my sincere gratitude to Ron Andrews, a city employee who gets little recognition, for his concern in my city.

On the occasions of the super bad rains we had recently, he was all over this city, not only seeing the problems but wading and personally attending to problems. Pine Island Road had been recently paved, adding new sidewalks (thanks for federal funding). The drains were way too small, allowing flooding in the parking lot of one of my buildings (formerly Custom Glass). I, with the assistance of the Mayor of the South End, Bruce James, had monitored this situation. Andrews was aware of the problem and promised it would be corrected.

On July 30, after hours when the 3-inch rain hit, I was called by James in concern of the problem (water was almost in my building).

I went and personally checked the problem around 6:30 p.m. Upon arriving I saw such a lake there it was almost scary as to the depth of water. I noticed a white truck in the parking lot. Driving around it, I stopped and took some pictures. I called Andrews (he mistakenly gave me his cell number a couple years ago, decided to keep it for emergencies); he answered immediately and informed me I was driving around him.

This was to my surprise - a city employee (head of the department) was not only concerned, but on his own time, driving his own truck, was 100 percent on the job. In a few minutes he had several more employees of our city there. I wanted to let the citizens of my city know that we not only have a beautiful city; we have employees that do care.

His wife was waiting on him at home for dinner, but his concern was water control.

The following week, Andrews had this problem solved (as he had promised).

All my fellow citizens may be right in kicking some departments and employees rightfully.

I have tried to take a different approach; I have always tried to find a fix for problems and present it to the right department. Andrews will listen and will take action as he has proven time and time again.

The writer lives in Myrtle Beach.