Letters to the Editor

Lawmakers miss real distractions

I noted in the paper that our esteemed leaders in Columbia are really at work. They are actually considering a ban on some roadside signs and all memorials. They are worried about drivers being distracted. Don't you find it strange that they would find these items distracting but couldn't quite come to the same conclusion about the use of cell phones/texting while driving? It amazes me that they can be so dense. I guess there haven't been quite enough deaths caused by cell-phone users to pass a law against them. Guess we have to wait for that magic number. In the meantime, they'll pick on roadside memorials. Yikes, spare me the thinking of politicians.

And, again, in reference to traffic-light cameras: Yesterday, I witnessed not one, but three cars go through an intersection when the light was red. The traffic that had the green had to sit and wait for the idiots to rush through. Between speeding on U.S. 17 Business between Restaurant Row and the cafeteria, and the lack of cameras, the city is losing a ton of money. It's a no-brainer to me. Whether the tourists are at home or here, they should be made to follow the rules. I hope someone gets some good old backbone courage and goes after them. Unmarked cars on U.S. 17 would be a real plus. I just get tired of the city turning the other cheek because, "oh boy, I'm a tourist."

The writer lives in Myrtle Beach.