Letters to the Editor

Letters to the editor


Bailey's column: Hurry up and die

Re Issac Bailey column, "Miracles are not medicine," Aug. 8:

I'm so glad we have a local columnist who frequently gives us a look inside the liberal mind. The Republicans couldn't buy a better spokesman for never voting for a liberal. And this twisted thinking was on parade in Sunday's column on health care costs. We've all heard the stories about the ridiculous programs and projects our tax money goes to. And we all know entitlement programs such as Medicaid are bloated and out of control just as government spending in general is bloated and out of control, but all Bailey could come up with to reduce the deficit is to let people just die and get it over with. Not only that. Our small-town columnist educated us all on how bad it was on us to try to give our loved ones more time at the end of their life. And that it's our refusal to come to grips with death that is going to bankrupt the country; rabid government spending has nothing to do with it. Unbelievable. I wonder how he would feel if it were his mother who could possibly be given three or six more months. The bad thing is the people in charge of the country share these same twisted beliefs. I can't think of a better, more urgent reason to vote in November than Bailey's column.

Philip W. Suggs

Myrtle Beach

Veterans Affairs

Brown's 'nay' vote a disappointment

Interning for Congressman Henry Brown in the summer of 2006, I witnessed his staff's devotion to constituents, especially veterans, firsthand. Veterans' Affairs has been a key issue area for Brown, especially as he is the ranking Republican on the subcommittee regarding veterans' health. Brown has devoted his time and attention to those who have served our nation. I was saddened to see his Nay vote on HR 847, a bill to provide health care to the first responders to the Sept. 11 attacks suffering from maladies directly related to their service. A July 28 Congressional Budget Office report noted that the bill would have zero effect on the deficit, effectively paying for itself by closing a loophole in the tax code for large multinational businesses. Serving the country is truly honorable; I urge Brown to remember the service of these heroes.

Tommy Tobin

Myrtle Beach