Letters to the Editor

Writer broadly defends actions

Re Jim Hill letter, "MB's senior population will rule," Aug. 8:

Dear Mr. Hill:

I am one of those so-called youths that wears my hat backwards, enjoys loud music, surfboards, jet skis, parasailing and the beach tents you mentioned. But let me tell you something, sir; I am also the future of this great city and plan on making it a great place to visit and live. One of the things I have noticed that's wrong with this city is people that have one way thinking and want to get rid of all the fun things that bring people here. I understand that you are retired and want a place that is quiet. Well, I have news for you: That is not this place. Myrtle Beach is a great town that attracts wonderful money-spending tourists from all over the world, and I hope that never changes. I am afraid that the older generation is trying to change that strictly for their own benefit and only thinking of themselves and not their children or grandchildren. Yes, I will wait in line behind you at the grocery store to buy my beer as you bicker over a 10-cent coupon and your 1 percent senior citizens' discount. I will deal with your driving "skills" as I try to get to work on time to make sure you have a place to do those things.

While you might be in charge at the moment, please remember it is the youth down in the trenches that really runs this town. Who do you think, sir, runs your classic cars shows? The youth do. Who do you think, sir, it is you are bickering with at the grocery store? The youth. Who do you think, sir, built that boardwalk? The youth did. Who do you think, sir, serves you at those nice restaurants? The youth do. So while you complain about the youth I think you should stop and think for a moment: If it wasn't for this youth, your beautiful utopia would be nothing but a beach and a ghost town. So Mr. Hill, with that said, I will shoot off all the fireworks I want, smoke until my little heart gives out, gamble until I'm broke and crank up my music as loud as it can go. While I do that you can just turn your hearing aid off and maybe learn to enjoy your "golden years" or pack it up and move to The Villages in Florida.

The writer lives in Carolina Shores, N.C.