Letters to the Editor

Put cap on buildings, crowding

If you looked closely at the picture on the front of the July 20 Local section, you got a glimpse of what our beaches look like on most days. The picture showed a mass of people and in the background a skyline of high-rise condo buildings reminiscent of Miami Beach.

In many ways the picture told it all. Our leadership of North Myrtle Beach has, over the years, allowed overbuilding of the high-rise condo buildings along the beachfront. This is especially true in Cherry Grove where I have had a cottage for 40 years and where I now live permanently. While I am primarily addressing the situation in Cherry Grove the same concerns may apply to all of North Myrtle Beach.

The result of overbuilding is people pollution and all that comes with it. Beach overcrowding, trash and cigarette butts litter the beach, pets (and their mess), noise, sidewalk parking, traffic and more have made our beach look like the Coney Island of the South.

One may ask the rhetorical question, "Have we shot the goose that laid the golden egg?"

Not wanting to only be critical, I offer the following suggestions:

1. That we not permit any more high-rise condo buildings.

2. That we make our beach nonsmoking (like Surfside Beach).

3. That we raise, or have those responsible raise, the manhole covers level with the roads when paving is done. Please fix the manhole covers on Sea Mountain that were left down.

4. Provide a walkway between Duffy Street and Lake Street so no one will have to walk, run or bike on the road.

5. Fix the depressions, i.e., bumps, left on the road cuts and in the future require anyone making a road cut to maintain it on a regular basis so when it settles it will not become a permanent bump.

6. Do we have a strategic plan for underground utilities?

7. Why do we have the concrete groundwater discharge pipe dumping waste water onto the beach with its warning sign to stay away?

North Myrtle Beach and Cherry Grove are wonderful areas to vacation, live and work. We need to protect our beaches for the coming generations and not allow every dollar possible to be squeezed out through overbuilding. Let's not shoot the golden goose.

The writer lives in Cherry Grove Beach.