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Tax-free weekend

Help schools, donate tax savings

During South Carolina's sales tax holiday this weekend, I will be joining the other shoppers taking advantage of tax savings and special sales. But I plan to donate the money I save on taxes to my local public school, and I urge others to do the same.

It might seem self-defeating to save taxes only to give the 9 percent savings to the schools. After all, isn't saving money the whole motivation for shopping on "tax-free weekend"? In a difficult economy, every little bit counts.

Yet Horry County schools are beginning the academic year with drastically reduced budgets, larger class sizes, fewer teachers and staff, and limited classroom supplies. In such a climate, personally benefiting from a sales tax holiday appears shortsighted since schools get a significant portion of their funding from the state through sales tax.

This weekend, one of my purchases will be a gift certificate for classroom supplies that I will give my son's teacher. The amount? Exactly 9 percent of what I spend. I figure she and her students can use the money.

Ellen Arnold


Climate change

Claim of expertise isn't persuasive

Re Albert Kausch letter, "Climate theory deceptive, untrue," Aug. 9:

Kausch claims a theoretical and experimental scientific background without citing exactly what it is. I am tired of self-proclaimed experts pontificating about global warming. He sounds like just another disgruntled right-winger who rambles on about a conspiracy to dupe the public into believing global warming despite the extensive evidence to the contrary. Recent news articles have debunked the charges that global warming studies have been faked.

Lamont Heppe

Calabash, N.C.


Use of gas is a personal choice

Re Richard Britt letter, "Idling empty cars typically wasteful," July 30:

I sure hope you are doing your part by riding your bicycle to work and shop. I will agree that these folks were doing something less than smart; however, it is none of your business or mine if someone chooses to waste their money just to keep their car cool. Did you think that maybe they ran in for a very quick errand and those vehicles were not going to be idling for hours on end? As for your call of the Gulf of Mexico becoming a cesspool, try this one on. Fill your tub - assume you have one, please use cold water, hate to waste energy - add one ounce of oil. Does your bathtub now look like a cesspool? Get real and get your facts right.

David Barsalou

Myrtle Beach