Letters to the Editor

Letters to the editor


Greater crimes not punished as much

In 1981 while a young college student, I was arrested with a half-dozen hemp plants 1 inch tall. My bail was $12,000. I pleaded guilty and was forever banned from legally owning a firearm.

In 1977, the guy who attempted to kill me because I was dating his divorced wife was released on his own recognizance.

Today I read of so many suspected animal abusers, like the case in Florence and the most recent case in Georgetown County where 46 dogs were seized with no food, water or adequate shelter, and they are mostly all released on their own recognizance.

Who would you rather see loose on the street?

Marc Wrenn

Pawleys Island


Graham, McCain not to be trusted

I don't trust Sen. Lindsey Graham or his pal John McCain. Neither one of them has changed. It has long been rumored that the open-borders crowd would use the 14th Amendment or sealed borders as bait. If "we" get something then "they" should get their amnesty.

Holding a pledge over our head to do the right thing so they can do the wrong thing is no bargain, and the American public should not fall for it. Amnesties don't work, and our economy can't take the stress.

I don't think Graham understands that liberals only want amnesty to gain a voting bloc that conservatives might never overcome.

An untrustworthy Congress has left the rule-of-law side in an uncompromising position.

Fix the 14th Amendment, seal the borders, then over time identify and remove illegal aliens. No amnesty, ever.

Michael Comer

Myrtle Beach

The writer is director of Grand Strand Citizens for Immigration Reduction.