Letters to the Editor

Letters to the editor

Lightbulb boondoggle

Standard bulbs way better than new ones

After just replacing about the 10th compact fluorescent bulb in the past two years, it is apparent to me at least what a boondoggle this whole concept is. In the prior three years, in the same home, I replaced two standard light bulbs in the same fixtures. Considering the costs, the toxicity of the CFLs, the level of illumination, etc. versus the savings in electricity, this is yet another example of thinking gone awry, right along with ethanol fuel, windmill energy and solar panels. Where is it that the road paved with good intentions leads?

Gerald Campbell

Murrells Inlet

Racist actions

Voter scaring by group not racist?

Re John McNerney letter, "If tea parties aren't racist, who is?" July 20:

McNerney wants to know who is racist if tea partiers aren't. How about the New Black Panthers or the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People? Who are "colored people"? Why are they chosen for advancement? Why did 100,000 vote for Alvin Greene, charged with a felony? Suppose race was a factor? Did anyone watch Greene's pathetic speech in Manning? Why are President Obama and Attorney General Eric Holder blind and deaf to voter intimidation by the New Black Panther Party? Why does Ben Jealous, NAACP president, spew forth venom toward tea partiers and his organization exhibit hatred toward whites? Why does Chris Rock's mother, claiming to be victimized at Cracker Barrel, call Al Sharpton and the NAACP? Who do you call when you've had a bad restaurant experience? Nobody. Many Americans, not just tea partiers, are legitimately concerned about Obama usurping powers of Congress and the people, and his excessive spending. They're not racists.

Randy Bryan

Myrtle Beach

Tea Party movement

To simply disagree is not being a racist

Re John McNerney letter, "If tea parties aren't racist, who is?" July 20:

I would like to know why McNerney would label people of the tea party racist. My best guess would be that any liberal thinks this is a way to diminish the tea party movement. Had McNerney been awake instead of sleeping through history class he would realize that this so-called president is doing the same thing Adolf Hitler did in taking over Germany, and the Germans went along with his socialist ideas. Had there been a tea party, maybe World War II would have been avoided.

So President Obama being half-black has nothing to do with the movement being labeled as racists.

When President George W. Bush went into Iraq it was because of a spy agency claim that Saddam Hussein had weapons of mass destruction. A lot of liberal Democrats went along and voted to go to war.

Too many of our military were killed and the liberal press gave a body count; now we have military dying in the war in Afghanistan and no papers or TV pound on the loss of life because Obama is just one nice liberal with a socialist agenda.

My question is why when you disagree with the half-black president, you're a racist.

Ed Koziol