Letters to the Editor

Letters to the editor


Estate tax's end aids few, costs much

About 99.7 percent of all Americans never have to pay an estate tax. Many worry needlessly about a "death tax" that will never affect them. This year is quirky: Not a single person will pay estate taxes. A cynic would say it's a good year for extremely wealthy people to die.

Sen. Jim DeMint of South Carolina recently introduced an amendment that would make permanent this temporary moratorium on estate taxes for the super-rich. He argues that the estate tax unjustly robs families of the wealth they worked for, but in 2009 only 80 farms and small businesses nationwide paid any estate tax. He claims that the estate tax will cause families to lose farms and businesses, but no American family farm or business has ever been sold to pay the estate tax. He claims that appreciated assets in family estates get taxed twice, but that is not true. The only way they can ever get taxed is if there is an estate tax.

DeMint's amendment (which did not pass) would have given a trillion dollars in tax breaks to the top three-tenths of 1 percent of American families. DeMint talks at great length about fiscal responsibility, but his amendment would have added a trillion dollars to the national debt.

Larry Gates

Pawleys Island

Right answer

Stop selling animals, adopt from pounds

Instead of putting dogs and cats to death in the pounds, why not ban all the selling of dogs and cats in all the pet shops and just allow pedigree-registered breeders to sell their pedigree animals? This would put an end to the puppy mills and kittens. Empty out the pounds and end the death of the innocent animals. Pet shops caught selling dogs and cats must pay a high fine and animals removed from the shop and taken to the pound, and the fine they are charged is to go to the pounds.

Some states have already started it, and it is working. Wonderful, loving animals are being saved from death. Is this not a much better solution than putting to death all the innocent animals? . Something has to be done, and yes, it is our responsibility. If you do not like this idea, then you go to the pounds, and you put the innocent to death and look into their pleading eyes as they know they will die. Could you do this?

We owe this to our last creatures of God. Please let's save them.

Jo Bunker

Myrtle Beach