Letters to the Editor

Plant tries to be good neighbor

An open letter to the residents of Glenmere:

On March 18, 1985, a small ready-mix concrete company looking to locate to a more rural and larger piece of property purchased 15 acres of land between S.C. 544 and S.C. 707. The land was accessible by a small dirt road that was not maintained by the county. Other than a residence on the corner of S.C. 544 and this dirt road, no one lived on this road. This was a time when S.C. 544 went across the Socastee Drawbridge and there was very little development. This land was designated by Horry County as Heavy Industrial.

We developed this land by building a concrete block plant and later moving our concrete plant to this location.

During construction, we stabilized the road to get into the site and in the early years basically had to maintain this road. This road today is known as Big Block Road and is heavily traveled by residents who want to get over to S.C. 707.

As the area grew, it became apparent that a developer had purchased the land on the opposite side of Big Block Road and planned to put a residential area on the property. At that time, we requested of the developer that he leave a buffer of trees between the road and the homes, but as we all know, this is a waste of the land as far as the developer is concerned, so he put in an 8-foot berm to provide privacy to the residents.

As you might imagine, there was no growth on the berm at that time, so you could easily see the homes.

We have put up a 10-foot-high decorative concrete wall, planted trees and grass and kept the property well-maintained in an effort to be a good neighbor. All water used on our site is recycled, and this includes rain water.

We have purchased a sweeper over the years to keep the property clean. There is not a better-maintained and well-kept concrete plant in this county.

We recycle plastic, cardboard and paper in an effort to be community-minded.

Over the years we have assisted several area high schools with their concrete needs for their athletic programs. We have been involved with recreation departments in helping them with their needs. We have assisted numerous Boy Scouts in getting their Eagle Badges.

I have been here working for this concrete company since 1981.

The one thing I guess I will never be able to understand is your feeling toward our facility.

It is not like you woke up one morning and someone had placed a concrete plant in your backyard.

When you moved here, the plant was here, and all we have tried to do over the years is be a good neighbor. Are there times when it will be an inconvenience? Sure, but there are times when we are sitting in traffic on the bypass and feel the same way. The only way to improve traffic flow is fix the roads, and this means working at night sometimes to ultimately make things better.

We will continue to make every effort to be a good neighbor and at the same time provide the needs of the county.

We are a community-minded company that provides jobs and pays property taxes, fuel taxes and sales tax, all of which helps provide the people of Horry County with a better way of life.

The writer lives in Myrtle Beach and works for Ready Mixed Concrete.