Letters to the Editor

Plants there before residents

Well now, isn't it just too bad that all these people who decided to buy a house in a development next to a cement plant are about to get some noise overnight. These people should have realized that the reason they were able to buy these homes next to the cement plants was because of where they were situated. These developers were able to buy up this land dirt cheap, and then build homes on the land and sell them and make a good profit on them. Nobody twisted the arms of the people who bought these homes to buy them. They bought them because they were cheaper than they would have been elsewhere. The cement companies have a right to make a living.

They have been hurting for some time now, and they need this government work to survive. These government contracts can and will make a difference as to whether they can stay in business. These 17 companies employ many people who make a decent wage and are not on unemployment. This city and state need these people to be able to work. If they get these government contracts, they will be able to put even more people to work, and that makes more money . These 17 cement plants were in place before any of these homes were built, and they have a right to stay in business and be profitable. Shame on these homeowners for wanting to put these plants out of business by not being able to compete for these contracts.

The writer lives in Myrtle Beach.