Letters to the Editor

Soldiers deserve more attention

Honor the fallen ...

Does anyone in the media outlets remember that we are a country at war? Why is it that the only time we hear about how our troops are doing in Iraq and Afghanistan is when the news media wants to do a 5-second segment on them around the holidays? Do they not exist the rest of the year? So far for the month of July more than 58 of our soldiers have sacrificed their lives in the name of freedom. Yet all I read about when I pick a paper or turn on the television are stories about crybaby athletes who want more money, a corrupt government whose policies are draining the working class of America dry and maniacs who are carjacking, kidnapping and murdering people.

It is a disgrace what society has become. To think that just over 200 years ago a group of noble patriots had the courage to bear arms and stand up to the tyrannical government that ruled their lives. Society in general obviously ignores who it was and who it still is that enables us to enjoy the very freedoms that we take for granted? It's not the politicians in Washington, who are mostly corrupt. It's not the overpaid, crybaby athletes, half of whom don't even speak English; and it's not the maniacs who get their thrills out of violating our right to live in peace. It is the American soldier who has and who still does enable us to enjoy the very freedoms that we so take for granted.

To show our gratitude, do we honor them? On a large scale, no we don't. Why is this? Why do we constantly give our undivided attention to those who contribute nothing to the improvement of society and refuse to acknowledge the sacrifices and efforts of those that do?

The president of the United States received a Nobel Prize and a substantial amount of compensation for merely "thinking" about world peace. Perhaps the soldiers who actually do the fighting for world peace should be the recipients of these awards, not someone sitting behind a desk.

The writer lives in Murrells Inlet.