Letters to the Editor

Letters to the editor

Coyotes, foxes

Pens promote predator problem

How can anyone be surprised that there is a coyote or fox problem in Horry County? There are 14 pens in the area with no one enforcing any kind of regulations or laws. The Department of Natural Resources has plainly stated this. Coyotes and foxes are being transported by truck into the area. Surely some of them escape from being killed by dogs and hunters.

They must desperately try to survive this horrible way of hunting. What is our County Council thinking as they continue to approve these fenced-in pens?

Patti Soles


U.S. gas demand

Idling empty cars typically wasteful

While going to the grocery store on a typically hot day, I observed three unoccupied, gas-guzzler-type vehicles idling in the parking lot. The owners were keeping them comfortably cool while enjoying their shopping experience. I wondered how anyone could be so oblivious, so arrogant. And then I remembered.

Months ago, while monitoring propaganda radio, I couldn't believe my ears when I heard Rush Limbaugh proclaim that as Americans, we have the right to burn as much gasoline as we want. The radical right is teaching us that you don't need a conscience in this country, and many of us are buying into it.

Meanwhile, the Gulf of Mexico is turning into a cesspool. I blame this catastrophe on America's incessant demand for gasoline. Any attempts to impose rational conservation measures are met with the tired and overused "they're taking our freedoms" response, still being used by tea party mentality. America is fouling its own nest.

Richard Britt

Surfside Beach