Letters to the Editor

Story deflates trust in TV news

The concerning story behind the Shirley Sherrod story is the sad state of the media - that so many could be duped by the same idiot who was duplicitous in the faked ACORN video incident.

What happened to the fundamental rule of journalism that "if your mother says she loves you, confirm it"? So one must ask why they all aired this without fact-checking first. Is it because drama sells better than fact, and the sell is to the short attention span, and even shorter memory of a growing segment within our ADD prone society?

Perhaps the "news" should be prefaced with a VB (viewer beware) warning, much like the one applied to the movie rating system. A VB-R rating could apply to some of the famous Fox segments with a "beware, this show may contain scenes depicting fiction as fact, and contains material unsuitable to those who think for themselves."

Nothing will threaten our liberty more than for the quality of our news to be continuously cast in doubt. For at some point, many may start to doubt even the facts, creating a fertile ground for manipulation of the masses. Though it seems lately that the shoots are already rising within the well-tended field of TV news.

As serious as any race issue to society is the sloppy journalism that permeates the news lately.

The writer lives in Murrells Inlet.