Letters to the Editor

Letters to the editor

Arizona law

Illegal immigration

hurts citizens

Re Jason Eastman letter, "Arizona law abets racism," June 12:

How and where did this person obtain his degree? Did his ancestors come here illegally? Does he not see or hear anything that has been reported and documented about the crimes being committed, and the drugs brought in by "mules?" And as he states they use false Social Security numbers to get jobs; that in itself is against the law. If he feels so badly about how they are being treated I suggest he move to the area, witness firsthand their presence, adopt a few and support them. I and my whole family work hard for our money so that we could live in this, "our," country as free and peaceful people. We ask for nothing, nor do we want to give away our rights and earnings to criminals.

Instead of ranting about the Arizona law, why not put his efforts into solving Mexico's problems and make it a better place so they stay there? Does he not agree that businesses that hire them should be fined, or jailed, or both? In case he missed the news, we have a huge problem with our citizens being unemployed. Let them pay a decent wage and employ our people.

Connie Smith

Myrtle Beach

S.C. politics

Those who don't like it can take I-95 out

Re Mary Salvatore letter, "Suspicious candidacy robs rights," June 18:

I love South Carolina and feel sorry that you do not feel the same - therefore it is probably time you realize routes come in and go out again.

"Political correctness" stinks. Tell it like it is - Joe Wilson did. I also agree with Jim DeMint. All Napoleons should have a "Waterloo."

I would vote for Mark Sanford again and shall not comment on his private life - it is sad and I hope he finds happiness.

Something does smell in the Alvin Greene saga, and I'm sure it will be solved.

There really is no need for the chamber of commerce to campaign for relocation here - it is filling up so fast I'm thinking about asking for a stoplight so I may enter the main highway.

Margaret Bradley

Murrells Inlet


Bird Notes column very informative

I enjoyed the June 9 "Bird Notes," especially the section on "anting," or "ant-bathing": A bird ant-bathes, Gary Phillips says, by spreading her wings over an anthill so that ants crawl up into her feathers and eat parasites dislodged by the swarming ants' secretions of formic acid. Biologist Jonathan Balcombe writes in "Pleasurable Kingdom" that anting birds may also pluck ants and "swipe them across their feathers" for the formic acid's narcotic effect.

Getting high on formic acid, according to Balcombe, seems as recreational for the birds as it is for Madagascarian lemurs and South American capuchins who rub large millipedes on their skin and pass them around, he adds, the way their human counterparts pass a joint. Afterward the millipedes scurry off, usually unscathed.

William Holliday

Myrtle Beach