Letters to the Editor

Letters to the editor


Motor school doesn't deserve ridicule

Re July 10 Dan Abel column, "Pass up motor tech"

Here you go again, admonishing those with whom you do not agree, espousing your elitist views. You ridicule Horry County's decision to create a school that will teach skills that many kids will enjoy learning and more importantly it will keep them in school. You of all people should embrace any initiative that will help South Carolina kids not drop out of school.

You suggest they go into green jobs. Help me here, can anyone tell us all what a green job is. Every time I check something that is "green," it is usually inefficient and needs government subsidies in order to justify its existence. I will grant you, hybrid cars are a help, but please tell me how many windmills we will need to generate the power of one coal plant, or better still one nuclear plant.

As for your idea of spending more money on education, nix it. I would argue that we are not getting our money's worth as it currently stands. South Carolina ranks 33rd in education spending, but ranks near the bottom in scholastic achievement. Maybe it is not money, but teacher and parent involvement.

Jeanine Beahm

Myrtle Beach


Collins Park a nice surprise

On a recent afternoon, my husband and I had the pleasure of visiting Collins Park, on the corner of 16th Avenue and Main Street in Conway. It had been some time since we had visited the park. We were aware that it had seemed to become over the years somewhat less well cared for than when we first visited in our children's younger years. Yet we were also aware that of late, during Greg Martin's tenure as mayor and also with current Mayor Alys Lawson, the park has been revitalized.

We had visited the park with one goal in mind: to find the park bench that our son's high school graduating class of 1989 had placed there in his memory. Our somber search turned into delight as we meandered through the most recent addition - a garden of beauty with a gazebo and benches and small statuaries. There is even a beautiful water fountain. (To our delight this is where we found our son's memorial bench.)

If you have not recently visited Collins Park or if not ever, please give yourself that pleasure soon. We'll hope to see you there.

Barbara Whitley