Letters to the Editor

Letters to the editor

Gulf carnage

Drillers remain determined

Re July 14 letter, "Environmentalism is Mainstream" by Terry Munson.

Thank you for your eloquent expression of what so many of us feel. It would seem the voices of "drill, baby, drill" would slink away quietly into the night. Instead, for too many, the carnage we are now experiencing in the Gulf appears to be only a minor annoyance, perfectly willing to accept environmental destruction in order to protect rampant, out of control, irresponsible actions on the part of the oil companies.

Your letters never fail to brighten my morning. Keep them coming!

Whit Peterson

Pawleys Island

Tea parties

Group not racist, but NAACP sure is

Re July 20 letter, "If tea parties aren't racist, who is?"

Mr. McNerney's letter uses the term "racism" several times as he discusses the tea party, but nowhere does he identify actual "racist" remarks or activities. Andrew Breitbart has just upped his reward to $100,000 for any picture or recording of a tea party member making a racist remark.

Webster's defines racism as 1. The prejudice that members of one race are intrinsically superior to members of other races. 2. Discriminatory or abusive behavior towards members of another race.

Those being said, please look to recent news regarding NAACP members and hierarchy regarding their "racist" remarks against whites for true examples of racism. As a tea party member, I am not racist; I am just no longer silent. What Bush started (war in Iraq and stimulus) still has me in a dither. That Obama has only driven us further into debt without any hope to repay has driven me to speak out rather loudly with a big sign.

That does not make me a racist; that makes me an American patriot!

Beth Branch Howell

Myrtle Beach


Ban unnecessary; set areas aside on beach

Dear Mayor Hatley and City Council members:

I just received notice that you are considering banning the use of personal tents on the beaches in North Myrtle Beach. As a property owner and frequent visitor in Cherry Grove, I feel this is a big mistake. Many people cannot stand to be in the direct sunlight for very long -- folks with skin conditions and young children, for example.

I can understand the safety concerns related to tents set up too close to lifeguard stands or emergency vehicle entrances, but these concerns could be remedied by passing ordinances outlining where tents can and cannot be placed. Also, tents don't block the view much more than umbrellas, which will most definitely be used in larger numbers if tents are not allowed.

Please consider options other than a complete ban on these tents as I am one of the people who will not be able to go out on the beach during the day without shade.

Phil Kemp

Asheboro, N.C.

Help 4 kids

Volunteers help feed, clothe local kids

Re Pack-a-Thon

Did no one pay any attention to the report that CNN's Dr. Sanjay Gupta did on the stockpiles of food in Haiti? There are eight football field sized warehouses of food there - some outdated, because the food had been there since January.

And only three miles from one of these warehouses was an orphanage with only enough food to feed 50 kids for another day. Gupta had a contact that was able to deliver food to the children.

But the warehouses remain full, no one knowing where the food should go.

Yes, Haiti children need help, but sending food only for it to be stored is a waste when we have children in rural communities here who need food, who would normally get breakfast and lunch during the school year, and now have very little.

Help 4 Kids founder Barb Mains is trying to reach these children by going to them, not only to feed them but also to help them stay in school.

She impresses upon them that with a good education you are able to get better jobs and always hold your head up high.

Help 4 Kids provides weekend snacks, all school supplies, reading books and clothing, so the kids do not feel different.

Like most organizations, donations are down.

Help 4 Kids has no paid employees, just about 90 volunteers, striving to make a difference in these kids lives.

Bernadette Remillard

Surfside Beach