Letters to the Editor

Against policies, not the man

Re July 20 letter, "If tea parties aren't racist, who is?" by John McNerney

I have heard so many claims that the tea party is racist, without anyone providing any proof. I have been to at least 10 tea party meetings, and I have never once heard a racial slur. In fact, in one instance where the NAACP claimed racial slurs were yelled at a congressman, a tea party organizer offered a $100,000 reward for any proof. With 15-20 cameras and even more audio recorders in the crowd, not one person came forward.

Are you suggesting that the tea partiers would agree with Obama spending more than any other president in history if he was white? Not a chance.

If he were white would we agree with his socialist views and putting the federal government in control of our health care? We all know how good the feds do with everything else, i.e. post office, Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, Social Security, Medicare, Cash for Clunkers, and basically any other federal program. You can't name one single federal program that came in under budget, or even close to budget. Oh, and don't forget the stimulus package, which did nothing to help the economy. We spent nearly a trillion dollars for nothing. Well, there was one butterfly saved in Oregon.

If he were white we still wouldn't agree with him wanting to try terrorists here in the U.S. as criminals, and instead of calling it the Global War on Terror, he calls it an Overseas Contingency Operation. He is an ultra-liberal socialist and he will replace Carter as the worst president in modern times. He has never been in charge of a lemonade stand, much less a country. That is why the tea party was created. If Nancy Pelosi or Harry Reid were president, we would all be disagreeing with them just as much as we do with Obama. It's an ideological difference. We think the Democrats are running this country into the ground and turning us into a wimpy European socialist state.

The only people bringing up race are the Democrats. Every group has their bad apples. I saw signs at every single Bush rally by ultra liberals that said they wanted to kill Bush and Cheney. Funny, I don't hear anyone saying anything about that.

The tea party is a coalition of ideas. Ideas of low taxes and smaller government. Wow, how awful they must be.

And the economy wasn't Bush's fault. The economy and my small business were doing just fine until '06 when the Democrats took over Congress. Ask Barney Frank and Chris Dodd why the economy tanked. They ran the banking committees.

The writer lives in Myrtle Beach