Letters to the Editor

Letters to the editor

Always in a hurry

People are rude, impatient

I had always thought of fishermen as a cut above the rest. But that proved to be untrue when last month my husband and a friend of his took the boat out fishing.

My husband is not well, but one thing he can still enjoy is fishing. He was having trouble getting his boat out of the water. The "gentleman" behind him was swearing and making obscene hand signals.

This man had five minutes out of life.

My husband has not taken his boat out since that happened.

What has happened to people being kind?

Are we all in so much of a hurry that we jump in front of people ahead of us in grocery lines, instead of saying, "Well, you were here first?"

Random acts of kindness - let's spread that around for a change. This man's mother must be so proud of him. If I had been there, he would be sleeping with the fishes.

P.S. And what is it with men wearing their baseball hats eating dinner in a restaurant?

Sandy Novekosky

Myrtle Beach

Ex-safety chief

Bailey outfoxed NMB officials

We must give William Bailey an "atta-boy." It is hard to believe that one man can make fools out of all the officials of the city of North Myrtle Beach. This is politics at its best.

Here is a man who:

Lied about a gun

Was suspended

Demoted to lieutenant.

Is part of a pending SLED investigation for illegal actions

And he still qualifies for retirement based on his past position as safety director ($97,000-plus) and full medical benefits until 65. "Only In North Myrtle Beach."

To let this happen, we deserve what this will cost us from our tax dollars.

John Maikish

North Myrtle Beach


Americans won't take 'menial' jobs

Re July 10 letter, "Job woes here":

Today's economy is in a slump, and jobs are few. You and others complain about foreigners coming to America and the Myrtle Beach area to work. They work at menial jobs for minimum wages and sometimes less.

A few years ago, the economy was flourishing, factories were open, etc. The menial jobs were plentiful but were not applied for because it was beneath the locals' station. They were looking for high paying jobs with benefits, etc.

At that time nothing was said of "foreigners" busing tables, picking farm products, cleaning, yard work or other jobs for minimum wages.

Have the grandchildren apply for these menial jobs now. Apply at McDonalds, Burger King, etc.

You stopped going to a restaurant because a server was Russian. How come? The food is still the same as well as the price and service.

Lawrence Hernandez

Garden City Beach

Safe walkways

Bike path needed in Surfside Beach

I would like the county to build a bike, walk and golf cart trail from the Surfside Beach frontage road on U.S. 17 Business from the waterpark to Inlet Square. This will alleviate traffic, provide safe walking, save fuel, etc. Our area is supposed to tie into the East Coast Greenway from Florida to Maine someday. Why not now? We could use federal funds (stimulus money), corporate donations (Wal-Mart) and creative financing.

Patricia LaFlam

Surfside Beach


2008 letter didn't come true after all

In The Sun News Nov. 22, 2008, Rudy Fearson of Longs, in a diatribe of hate channeled towards then President-elect Obama and Democrats in general, wrote in part as follows:

"I foresee in the next 20 months the stock market crashing way worse than now [it didn't] and unemployment over 10 percent maybe toward 20 percent [It's currently slightly less than 10 percent but it was already at 7.6 percent at the end of the Bush administration. However, it's nowhere near 20 percent.] and taxes over 50 percent of your total income [not even close] and gas prices over $10 a gallon [again, not even close]. Gross National Product will be cut in half [didn't happen] and the national debt will double [nope]."

To anyone looking for a prognosticator or soothsayer, I suggest you pass Mr Fearson by.

Larry Montgomery

Myrtle Beach