Letters to the Editor

Golf cart drivers trapped

I was informed by a permanent resident that, yes, it is illegal to drive a golf cart on Ocean Boulevard. But I was told that in order to get from where Spring Street merges into Ocean Boulevard, there is a 200-yard stretch just past the Blockage Runner motel that I could travel on Ocean Boulevard legally and then turn into a set of apartments to cut through and get to 19th where I could then cross over Ocean Boulevard to arrive at the public beach parking lot.

So I took the prescribed advice and drove the old family cart. When I turned into the apartments, I was stopped by a Cherry Grove policeman who proceeded to issue me an $82 ticket for driving the cart on Ocean Boulevard. When I asked how I could get to my destination without going on the sidewalk or the road, I was told that there is no legal way to do it!

There is no sign anywhere that says golf carts are not permitted beyond Spring Street, but there is a sign that says "Share the Road" with bicycles! So, I drove the cart back to the beach house and precariously made my way back to 19th Avenue balancing a 5-gallon bucket and fishing rod on the handlebars.

I could not help feeling livid for the out-of-state tourists who would also not get an educational warning but have an $82 damper put on their few days of annual vacation by the golf-cart trap set up by the town of Cherry Grove. I saw another rented golf cart (most likely tourists) being stopped at the same place.

With a bad economy, you would think Cherry Grove would want to let the tourists know they are welcomed here and that the public safety officials are more concerned about their safety than getting their money at a cart trap.

The writer lives in Lexington